Orangeville School District

administrative Information


Board of Education--contact us
High School Office
Harold Anderson--President 201 S. Orange Street
Peggy Badgett--Vice President Orangeville, IL  61060
Lorrie Boomgarden--Secretary Phone     815-789-4289
Delbert DeVries HS fax     815-789-4709
Amy Baker
Steve Obert
Jay Doyle
BOE Meeting Schedule
Administrative Offices Grade School Office
Office of the Superintendent     310 South East Street
201 South Orange Street Orangeville, IL  61060
Orangeville, IL  61060 Phone      815-789-4450
815-789-4289 GS fax     815-789-4607

Board Bills  Budget
August September October November December January February March April  May June July 2011-2012 OV Budget
2012-13 OV Budget
Contracts Exceeding $25,000 Salary Reporting
Bargaining Agreement with Orangeville Education Association Salaries 2011-12
Pearl City Coop--fuel Mutual AgreementLaw 96-0434
Telephone/Technology Service--Aero Inc.  

Board Policy Manual (PDF file)

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