FHN Miles & Minutes

FHN is once again promoting our Miles and Minutes program.  The program will run from Monday, May 29 through Sunday, August 27, 2023.  Participants' summer sports and other physical activities can help schools within FHN’s service area! The FHN Miles and Minutes program encourages individuals to be active as they log various types of physical activity to win prize money for your school system.

Beginning May 15, 2023 individual can register for this online program visit http://www.fhn.org/milesandminutes. All of the rules of the competition are included, as well as information about how miles and minutes will be calculated to determine the winning school systems. 

Prize money is awarded for:
• School system with the most average “miles” logged per participant
• School system with the most “miles” total
• Schools not eligible for above prizes will be entered into a drawing
to win one of three cash prizes.

FHN Miles & Minutes Flyer