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Hello! It's that time of year again... register for the FHN Miles & Minutes program to help Orangeville win money for our athletic programs. Registration began yesterday on their website (information below), and competition runs May 31 - Aug. 29. 

A calculator on the Miles And Minutes website, www.fhn.org/milesandminutes, automatically converts minutes of almost any type of physical activity into miles to make it easy to follow the competition, and prizes will be awarded in miles.  There are two categories of cash prizes to be awarded:

  • School system with the most average “miles” logged per participant
  • School system with the most “miles” total

First prize for each category is $2000, second prize is $1000, and third prize is $500.  This is a great opportunity to earn funds for your school’s athletic program or other needs! 

Participants can watch the FHN Miles And Minutes Facebook Page for chances to get their school points in a prize drawing at the end of the summer!

Every time a participant enters a contest on the FHN Miles And Minutes Facebook page, their school gets one point in the Sweepstakes competition, and one chance at a prize. Winning a contest gets the participant’s school even more points and more chances at a prize. At the end of the summer, we'll draw three winners at random from all the Sweepstakes entries!

First prize for the Sweepstakes category is $500, second prize is $400, and third prize is $300.

Just to make it fun for everyone, prize winners in the regular categories (school system with the most average "miles" logged per participant and school system with the most "miles" total) won't be eligible for Sweepstakes prizes. But remember, we won't know who the regular category winners are until September!

Prize money for all of the categories will be awarded in October.

Entry can be done only online at www.fhn.org/milesandminutes.  Participants must register, and all instructions are available on the website.   Physical activity needs to be logged within a 2-week timeframe of its completion.  Other than that, the program will operate on the honor system.  Registration begins Monday, May 24th.

Participants from any zip code can support any school system so if family members in Stockton, for example, want their miles to be designated to the Orangeville school system, they can do so.  Grandparents and family members in other states may also participate.  Participants must be age 12 or older, so your student athletes over age 12 can log miles earned during their summer sports activities once these practices resume! 

A running total for each school system, in both prize categories, will be posted on the website to encourage healthy competition beginning around the second week of the program.