Orangeville Community

Orangeville CUSD #203

Orangeville School Board to Host Community Focus Group Session

The Orangeville CUSD #203 School Board is hosting a community focus group session on
October 10 at the Orangeville School District at 6:30 PM. One purpose of the focus group
session will be to provide factual information relating to our district, including performance
levels, financial status and the update on the strategic plan. Additionally, there will be an
opportunity for small group discussion where community members will be divided into small
groups and asked to respond to topics relating to the school district. Any community member is welcome to attend and participate. The Board looks forward to gaining a better  understanding of the community’s perspectives of the district as it strives for continuous improvement. The session on October 10 will start at 6:30 PM at Orangeville School District and is scheduled to conclude at 8:30 PM.