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2021 season

To be allowed to play this year, we must all follow IDPH guidelines, and unfortunately as of this point, we are not allowed to have spectators in the gymnasium. However, if you would like to view contests online, Orangeville has joined the NFHS Network, and you will be able to view contests held in our gymnasium, as well as several away games, by joining the NFHS Network. For .pdf instructions to join the NFHS Network, please click this link: NFHS Network instructions

Several other schools also will be streaming via the NFHS Network, but some utilize other platforms. Click this link (which will be updated as needed) for a list of other schools and how they will be streaming games: List of NUIC streaming basketball games

GAME SCHEDULES can be found on this website under Athletics on the 'CIRCLE' menu, or follow this link: https://www.orangevillecusd.com/o/cusd-203/athletics, then pick the sport from the dropdown menu.

High School Boys: 2021 HS Boys Basketball Roster

Boys Basketball - junior varsity

JV team L-R: (top) Nathan Briggs, Michael MacKenzie, Braydy Sullivan, (middle) Gavin Kint, Mitchell Soddy, Nate Brinkmeyer, Kyle Kloepping, (bottom) Jake George, Cody Wirth, Jesse Kehler. 

HS boys basketball - varsity

Varsity team L-R: (top) Chase Bowen, Jacob Doyle, Zachary Baker, Nathan Anderson, (middle) Braydy Sullivan, Gunar Lobdell, Gavin Kint, Michael MacKenzie, (bottom) Jake George, Dawson Stamm, Brayden Cahoon, Carson Rote.

High School Girls: (Varsity Only) 2021 HS Girls Basketball Roster

HS girls basketball - varsity

Varsity team L-R: (top) Samantha Mock, Whitney Sullivan, Makayla Mock, (middle) Ella Doyle, Kylie Wirth, Leah Baker, (bottom) Payton Meier, McKayla Riemer, Kirsten Frautschy 

Junior High Boys: 2021 JH Boys Basketball Roster

JH boys basketball - 6/7

6/7th grade team L-R: (top) Aiden Wild, Joseph Isenberger, Nathan Briggs, Amery Dinderman, (middle) Jayse Pudwill, Blake Komprood, Jaxon Grilliot, Kayden Pfeiffer, Oskar Bissell, (bottom) Brock Komprood, Drew Kloepping, Jacob Collier, Matthew Soddy.

JH boys basketball - 8th

8th grade team L-R:  Joseph Isenberger, Boden Gustafson, Paxton Bastian, (middle) Aiden Wild, Blake Komprood, Jaxon Grilliot, (bottom) Jayse Pudwill, Drew Kloepping, Kayden Pfeiffer.

Junior High Girls:  2021 JH Girls Basketball Roster

JH girls basketball - 6/7

6/7th grade team L-R: (top) Anicka Kraft, Coach Wallin, Lily Rodebaugh, (middle) Shaelyn Blum, Nadalee Doyle, Kylie Alongi, (bottom) Abigail Hazzard, Ashlynn Schultz, Aubrey Fryer.

JH girls basketball - 8

8th grade team L-R: (top) Bailey Jordan, Coach Wallin, Alaina Dinderman, (middle) Brittany Huerta, Leah Lawson, Alyse Cahoon, Lily Blakely, (bottom) Kaylynn O'Haver, Delaney Cahoon, Addyson Wheeler.

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