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Orangeville began 8-man football with the 2021 season, and we belong to the Illinois 8-Man Football Association for this. More information about I8FA can be found here: I8FA website

All information is subject to change at any time. Check back regularly for most updated info.

GAME SCHEDULES can be found on this website if you click EXPLORE on the homepage, and then choose Athletics on the dropdown menu, or follow this link: then pick the sport from the dropdown menu.


Football all association honors

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football season 2021

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I8FA playoff bracket 2021

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High School Football

OHS Football team 2021

Top row (L-R) - Coach Bill Meier, Gavin Roth, Ben Briggs, Kyle Kloepping, Nate Anderson, Gunar Lobdell, Carson Rote, Coach Mitch Dean; 2nd row - Jared Stubbe, Karsen Henneman, Aydan Myers, Ryan Guy, Gavin Kint, Boden Gustafson, Michael MacKenzie; 3rd row - Joey Thomm, Brayden Cahoon, Blake Folgate, Brock Tyrrell, Bryce Burns, Jake George, Adam Setterstrom.

Junior High Football

2021 Football 6-7 gr

6/7 gr. Team: (L-R) Top - Coach Klein, Hayden Schofield, Nathan Briggs, Alton Folgate, Amery Dinderman; Middle - Matthew Soddy, Brock Komprood, Elwyn Thomm, Beau Janecke, Oscar Bissell; Bottom - Parker Rodebaugh, Ian Klein, Owen Henneman, Jacob Collier, Brody Breed.

2021 Football 7-8 grade

7/8 gr. Team: (L-R) Top - Kayden Pfeiffer, Nathan Briggs, Coach Klein, Aiden Wild, Blake Komprood; Middle - Hayden Schofield, Alton Folgate, Amery Dinderman, Oscar Bissell; Bottom - Matthew Soddy, Brock Komprood, Jacob Collier, Elwyn Thomm, Beau Janecke.