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GAME SCHEDULES can be found on this website if you click EXPLORE on the homepage, and then choose Athletics on the dropdown menu, or follow this link: https://www.orangevillecusd.com/o/cusd-203/athletics then pick the sport from the dropdown menu.

If you would like to view contests online, Orangeville has joined the NFHS Network, and you will be able to view contests held in our gymnasium, as well as several away games, by joining the NFHS Network.  For .pdf instructions to join the NFHS Network, please click this link: NFHS Network instructions.


High School Volleyball

OHS Varsity volleyball 2021

Varsity Team (L-R) - Emily Hazzard, Kaylynn O'Haver, Samantha Mock, Whitney Sullivan, Leah Baker, Ella Doyle, Kylie Wirth

OHS JV volleyball 2021

JV Team top row (L-R) - Emma Stepanek, Madyson Rhodes, Bailey Jordan, Sophie Statdfield, Alex Schmidt, Delaney Cahoon; middle - Alyse Cahoon, Emma Frautschy, Katie Fryer, Britta Bissell; bottom - Ella Kraft, Leah Lawson

Junior High Volleyball

Oville 6-7 grade volleyball team

Team 6-7 top row (L-R) - Taiya Chapple, Anya Fritz, Bella Martins, Nalani Isaac; bottom - Zoey Jordan, Haylee Dearmin, Elle Schmidt, Rylee Scheuerell

Oville 8th grade volleyball team

Team 8 top row (L-R) - Kylie Blakely, Brynlee Schofield, Lily Rodebaugh, Anicka Kraft, Kelsey Gordon, Rylee O'Haver; bottom - Nadalee Doyle, Abigail Hazzard, Lexi Smith, Jada Reed, Aubrey Fryer


NUIC All-Conference Volleyball