Adopted at the Board of Education meeting on 8/9/2021, the following is the Orangeville CUSD #203 Back to School Plan for the 2021-22 school year. Please click the link to open the PDF of the Plan: Back to School Plan 2021-22 UPDATED 3/22/22: Back to School Plan 21-22

Here also is a link to the newest IDPH Covid-19 exclusion guidelines : IDPH Covid-19 Exclusion guidelines

In addition, we will be following the mask mandate put forward by Gov. Pritzker. Please view a message below from Superintendent Mr. Jeff Milburn regarding this decision. UPDATED 2/6/22: Letter regarding Court response UPDATE 2/25/22: Information regarding masking on school transportation UPDATE 3/22/22: ISBE & IDPH Guidance for Schools

To put further emphasis on the reasons we are following the mask mandate, here is a communication sent today (8/11/21) from the State Superintendent of Education to all school districts: 8/11/21 Message from the State Superintendent of Education