School lunch news with apple picture


As everyone is aware, the cost of food has skyrocketed over the past year. This is also true of the food we purchase to make the nutritious lunches for our students. Unfortunately, this caused a massive amount of spending over budget for the school last year. As a result, at the board meeting on Monday, 8/14/23, they approved an increase in lunch prices this year to help keep that from happening again. The lunch prices will now be as follows:

  • $3.50 for PK - 5th grades
  • $3.75 for 6th - 12th grades
  • $4.25 for adults

We understand this may be a hardship for some families, so if you would like to fill out an application for Free/Reduced Meals, please click the following link to download an application or one can be printed for you at either school office. Thank you.