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Hello everyone – 

First of all, we want to announce that Ms. Tonya Doyle, who was one of our wonderful paraprofessionals last year, has moved into the elementary/district secretary position, and we're thrilled to have her!

Next, online registration is LIVE!! Links went out in emails today, and you must follow the link to set up the password within 24 hours, or it will expire. If that happens, let me know and I will send another. The new system is called Tyler SIS.  Any forms you filled out in the past are now online, and  just the basics were imported into the new system. You will have to input all contact information, as well as begin anew entering any emergency contacts other than yourselves as the guardians. Hopefully this year will be the most tedious because in the future you’ll just have to update or remove/add this information. The good news is that you can do this at your leisure at the comfort of your own computer.

Follow this link for a .pdf of (hopefully) helpful instruction to fill out the online forms:

If you have questions while you are filling out registration forms, you can email me (Rachel) at or Tonya at and we will try our best to help you. You can fill out what you can and Save to come back and finish them later.

There are a couple forms that allow you to upload an item electronically, if you have it. If you want to upload, you can, just follow the instructions on the form. If you don’t have the item(s) at that time, you can get them (or any items or paper forms that must be returned to the school) to us by: Email to myself or Tonya, at the above email addresses; Faxing, 815-789-4709 HS or 815-789-4607 GS; Dropping off at the school during office hours; Mailing to the school.

As of today, Monday, July 20th, the fees and lunch balance are not on the parent portal. I will be working on those over the next two days. If you need to add sport fee(s), or remove a milk snack fee, please let me know. 

Finally, if you have a bad internet connection or need help filling out forms, we have moved our at-school registration from this Wed.-Fri. to next Tuesday & Wednesday, by appointment. If you need to come in, please make an appointment. Tuesday times are 1 pm-7 pm. Wednesday times are 8am - 1pm. 

Thank you for all your patience.