For Your Information

Hello - below is information from Dr. DeSchepper regarding Free Meals for the district:

Attention Parents,

With USDA approval, we can now offer all children that are enrolled at Orangeville CUSD #203 FREE Meals. The USDA has extended the Summer Food Service Program and Orangeville District #203 has chosen to participate. In order to properly prepare, we will start the Free Meal Program for students at school on Monday, September 14, 2020.

What does this mean for your kids?

EVERYONE IS FREE - This includes in-person students and remote learners in the district. All children will be able to eat for free with or without a free/reduced application on file. This program will continue for as long as funding is available (hopefully through December). You will receive notification when the USDA announces funding has been exhausted. At that time, student meals will revert to their original status (paid, reduced, free).

● In-Person Students: The in-person students will receive their free meals at school, and are not eligible for Meals.

● Remote learners: Starting with the order for pickup on 9/21, so can take orders.

● Any additional items, including extra milk, will be charged to the student.

What is in a food bag?

Meals include a lunch for each school attendance day that week. For example, weeks that include a holiday, early release or Institute days will be packed accordingly.

Should you still complete a Free or Reduced Application?

We highly recommend that you complete your application now. When funding is exhausted, all kids with approved applications will receive the free and reduced pricing. If a child doesn’t have a current application, they will be charged full price. Applications can be completed in your child’s skyward portal under the food service tab.

When does this start?

We will start serving free meals on September 14, 2020, for in-school students. This includes lunch for Preschool - 12th grade in-house. Free food bags will be available beginning with the orders taken for 9/21/2020.

Will the menus be the same?

Menus will change slightly in the future.

How do we order meals for our Remote Learners?

Email Tonya Doyle at This order must be completed WEEKLY so that we can prepare enough meal without wasting food. Orders must be placed by the Friday prior.

How/When do we pick up the food bags?

Pick up on daily between 10:45 AM and 11:30 AM. Use the Elementary Entrance at the School.

If you have any questions, please contact Tonya at 815-789-4450 or