softball inside heart

What a crazy wonderful week it has been! I've put together a few collages of the whirlwind that was our softball run to State:

Softball Road to State

Softball state games

IHSA Brackets for Softball sweet 16

softball welcome home

Thank you to all the parents, fans, businesses, and the communities of Orangeville and Aquin for all the support. Congratulations to the "BRO-DOGS" for an amazing run and giving it your all... all the way to state. We are SO PROUD OF YOU!

Finally, while rooting around the IHSA website this week, I found that there is an option to purchase a download of games from the NFHS Network. If you would like to own a copy of the game(s), here is a link to the .pdf document that explains how to buy a copy: and here is the link to the page on the NFHS Network  for our softball games: