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Because he is a fairly low-key guy, people often don't hear about  the accolades our softball coach, Mr. Lon Scheuerell, has earned. This year, something that happened was a pretty big deal, so we want to make sure everyone knows about it! 

Each year, the NFHS (National Federation of State High School Associations) recognizes coaches in a nationwide awards program. They first receive nominations from their member states/state coaches' association. Last spring, Coach Scheuerell was named as an IHSA Softball Coach of the Year for 2021.  

After this, he moved on to the next level in the running  for sectional coach of the year.  To keep this in perspective, our section includes the states of IL, IN, IA, MI, and WI.  He then won the Sectional Coach of the Year for our section, and became one of 7 coaches in the nation to be nominated for the 2021 softball National Coach of the Year! 

We are incredibly proud of Coach Lon Scheuerell, his Sectional Coach of the Year award, and all his accomplishments, and are looking forward to another exciting year of softball! Below is a photo of Coach Scheuerell accepting his award at the February 20th, 2022, awards banquet in Normal, IL, for Sectional Coach of the Year for our area of the state. 

This link shows ALL the recognized coaches nationwide:

This link is an article from IHSA about the NFHS Coaches of the Year:

Coach Lon Scheuerell accepts award for Sectional Coach of the Year 2021