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Mr. Wes Ozarowski is the HS science teacher at Orangeville.  He is also an adjunct professor in the Biology department at Oakton Community College in Des Plaines.  The Biology Department at Oakton Community College was replacing some of their equipment, including microscopes, triple beam balances, and scales.  Mr. Ozarowski  helped facilitate making our interest in these items known to Ms. Nichole Perry, co-chair of the Biology department at OCC, and as a result, Orangeville CUSD 203 received 60+ microscopes and 25+ balances and scales for free.  Mr. Ozarowski spent his day this past Saturday driving to Des Plaines, loading the equipment up from OCC, driving it Orangeville, unloading it, and working at making room to store it.  This equipment as is (used) is estimated to be over $20,000.  Mr. Wes Ozarowski, THANK YOU for your generosity of time and thoughtfulness to help the students of Orangeville CUSD 203!  

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