4th grade

Last week was eventful for Mrs. Brown's 4th grade class!  She had her annual "Wax Museum" project, then on Friday participated with the rest of the elementary for their incentive day, having fun on a wilderness walk.  Can you figure out which real-life people her students are portraying? (Answers below, alphabetical by student)Mrs. Brown's Wax Museum

Alli Brandt / Sally Ride; Tony Cantrell / Robert Ripley; Jaxon Dahle / Barack Obama; Mason Ethridge / Roald Dahl; Robbie Isaac / Abe Lincoln; Kasen Kraft / Blackbeard; Brandon Kujat / Henry Ford; Levi Lakota / Babe Ruth; Phoenix Lampe / Malala; Paxx Listenberger / Shigeru Miyamota; Grey Miller / Nelson Mandela; Xander Pacek / Wilbur Wright; Jaymeson Pudwill / Davy Crockett; Farrah Pulley / Simone Biles; Grady Scheuerell / Galileo; Hayden Simpson / Sitting Bull; Maggie Thompson / Megan Markle; Makena Yeagle / Marie Curie.

Brown - incentive day 1

Brown - incentive day 2